About Readmaster

With Readmaster, A.C.E. School of Tomorrow's® computerized reading program, students in all grade levels practice to improve their reading rates and comprehension, and they thoroughly enjoy themselves in the process.

Excitement is generated when students participate actively in their education through computer-based learning. One supervisor describes the effectiveness of computer use in the classroom as giving students a new lease on education. Since today’s children are “visually literate,” having grown up with computer technology, there is amazingly heightened motivation to excel with Readmaster. This program offers high-quality reading selections from the Christian Character Series as well as award-winning selections from International Student Convention written entries. 


  • User-defined character fonts, font sizes, and colors.
  • Computerized diagnostic testing and scoring.
  • Automated control of reading rate and reading performance level.
  • Composite score, based on words per minute at 100 percent comprehension.
  • Computerized comprehension test with automated scoring and student review mode.
  • Reading performance tracking and reporting system.
  • Reading selections from the quality Christian Character Series.
  • Maximum performance with minimum supervision.
  • Vocabulary drill.