Enhance reading, spelling, and writing skills!

Wordbuilder encourages students to improve vocabulary skills with a creative alternative to rote memory. Students evaluate proper spellings and meanings of words and learn to avoid common misspellings. Minimal supervision is required.



Wordbuilder instantly calculates the score, comprehension rate, and answering rate when a session is submitted.



Wordbuilder follows the Word Building PACE series, Levels 2-8, to reinforce the skills that students have just learned.  

Visually Enhanced


Students must individually master each Wordbuilder session before progressing to the next session. 

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Wordbuilder is available to both homeschools and schools worldwide. Gain easy online access to Wordbuilder for an unlimited number of students with the purchase of an annual $99 access fee.

BONUS: This annual purchase also gives you access to Readmaster, Typemaster, Mathbuilder, and your own ePACE account. Each ePACE is sold separately and is immediately accessible upon purchase. Self Tests and Tests for the Word Building course are included at no extra charge through the ePACE platform.

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Supervisors can generate a comprehensive test report for each student or break down the student's report by level.

Supervisor Reports


Supervisors set each student's comprehension minimum, answering rate, starting PACE, and the number of attempts allowed.


Do you have questions about Wordbuilder? Email [email protected] or call 615-612-5288.