The learning system providing digital PACEs to schools and homeschools is called ePACE. The ePACE platform continues A.C.E. School of Tomorrow's time-honored curriculum and methodology.

The ePACE platform may be used on a desktop, laptop, or Chromebook computer or on a tablet (10 inches or larger). Your device must have audio and video capabilities, an Internet connection, and a common browser such as the Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browser. The ePACE platform will not work offline. No downloading is necessary. Mobile phones are not recommended or supported.

The ePACE platform is available to both schools and homeschools worldwide.

Yes, the release of ePACE does not affect the availability of printed PACEs. Visit the A.C.E. web store to purchase printed PACEs. 

An Internet connection is required to use ePACE.

No software download is needed. ePACE is web-based and will work on any desktop, laptop, or tablet that meets minimum system requirements.

The ePACE platform includes printable PDF worksheets that facilitate proper handwriting skills. The system will prompt younger students to request these printed worksheets from their supervisor. Older students can print their own handwriting sheets as they work through their ePACEs.

For technical questions, please email [email protected] or call 615-612-5288. Also, view support videos to learn how to set up your school or homeschool on the ePACE platform.

Access Fee – $99.00/Year
A non-refundable access fee of just $99 per year provides control of the ePACE account for your school and an unlimited number of students. Each ePACE is purchased separately. This annual enrollment also includes access to the enrichment programs and Word Building Self Tests and Tests for no extra charge.

ePACE Purchasing – $3.50/ePACE
Purchase ePACEs one at a time or in bulk. Each ePACE is instantly available for an individual student upon purchase. View the Courses Available section to see the curriculum available through the ePACE platform. Automatic scoring eliminates the need to purchase Score Keys.

The ePACE access fee and ePACEs are virtual items that cannot be returned for a refund. 

Please view the Courses Available section to see an updated list of courses on the ePACE platform.