The learning management system used to provide digital PACEs to schools and homeschools is called ePACE. The ePACE system continues Accelerated Christian Education's time-honored curriculum and methodology.

Alpha testing has been completed for ePACE. Currently ePACE is in beta testing with select customers. After beta testing concludes, ePACE will be released to all customers. 

If you have an Internet connection on a desktop, laptop, or tablet with audio and video capabilities, you have the minimum requirements. Mobile phones are not recommended or supported.

A.C.E. representatives will contact select schools that have earned Model and Quality status from various regions around the globe to participate.

Yes. After beta testing, ePACE will be available to customers around the world.

Yes. The release of ePACE will not affect the availability of printed PACEs

Once ePACE is fully tested and released, it will replace the Word Building Tests on CD-ROM.

An Internet connection is required to use ePACE.

No software download is needed. ePACE is web-based and will work on any desktop, laptop, or tablet that meets minimum system requirements.

Word Building ePACEs include printable PDF worksheets that facilitate proper handwriting skills. The system will prompt younger students to request these printed worksheets from their supervisor. Older students can print their own handwriting sheets as they work through their ePACEs.