Word Building

Word Building Self Tests and Tests are available online!

Schools and homeschools now have the option to use the printed Word Building PACEs along with ePACE Self Tests and Tests. With ePACE, it is no longer necessary to read vocabulary words aloud to students who are testing—the audio is already done for you! ePACE Word Building Self Tests and Tests replace the previous audio CD-ROM program. Register for ePACE and pay the access fee to use Word Building Self Tests and Tests at no extra charge.


Automatic Scoring

Vocabulary words and all other activities are automatically scored by ePACE when the Test is submitted by the student. Score Keys are no longer necessary.


Audio Vocabulary

Students play an audio clip of each vocabulary word and hear an example of the word in a sentence before spelling the word. Audio can be replayed as many times as needed.


Test Validation

Tests questions are varied with each Test that is taken to improve the integrity of testing and encourage students to master the material.

Access Fee

$99.00 / Year

Payment of the access fee gives you control of the ePACE account for your school or homeschool and an unlimited number of students. Access includes Word Building Self Tests and Tests and the enrichment programs. Each ePACE is sold separately.

Bonus for Eligible Schools

As an additional bonus, all ePACE Self Tests and Tests are available at no extra charge to schools that are currently awarded a status and have paid the access fee. This benefit allows schools to use printed PACEs and then use the ePACE platform for testing.